Youth working together for the Healthy and Respectful Relationship Toolkit

The Youth Leaders training on Healthy and Respectful Relationships continued on with two days workshops on Wednesday 4th to Thursday 5th of May.

On the first day of the workshop, the participants carried out recaps on what was covered and proposed from the past workshops with youths. These topics included Gender Equality and Equity. The second phase of the session also covered review and amendments to the proposed TEN TIPS, RED FLAGS and BEST PRACTICES for the Healthy and Respectful Relationships Toolkit.

Toward the end of day, the participants were presented to the second motion of the workshop which is the identifying of the types of Communication strategies the group could use to get their toolkit out into the public. This session continued on to the next day where participants discussed and consider different forms of Communication strategies or media outlet they could use to convey their message to the general public. Here the group came up with two Media outlets which was forming a song for the TEN TIPS and RED FLAGS, and documenting a short film to identify the BEST PRACTICES. It was then decided that the workshop would first concentrate on composing the song and thus the participant were divided into two groups. Group 1 would compose the song as soon as possible. The second group was the Control and Test Group who would critique and review the song before it is released. The day ended with this new task at hand and the group where excited to begin their journey. ‘Ana who is a keen member of the group says, “I am so happy after this workshop because I now have a communication tool to use in order to get my message on Healthy and Respectful relationships to my fellow disability friends.” Mele Moala states that the various workshop has become something that she and her friends look forward to. “I’m always waiting for our next workshop to see what we can do next in trying to emphasize how we could build a better relationship between youths. It empowers me in a way because whenever my friends ask for relationship advice, I am ready with tons of advices and options learned from our various workshops. I also feel more confident with my choices and decisions made in my relationships.”