We were saved by our neighbour

I got married on July 1996 at Nuku’alofa and my husband started beating me 3 months later. When I gave birth to our first child (boy) he still went on beating me.

It was typical of him to have drinks with his friends after work every Friday before coming home. He expected to have a warm meal waiting for him every Friday when he arrived. If this was not prepared then he would either hit me or throw a bottle at me. When I had my second child (also a boy), the beating and swearing at me increased. I was also told to stay at home and not to go anywhere. I told my family sometimes and they would come and get me but my husband would always come and beg me to come back and I would. Right after being released from hospital after giving birth to my third child (girl), he hit me and struck one of my eyes. It was only luck  that I didn’t go blind. I thank my neighbors for it was them who called the police. When the police came I was hiding with my new born baby girl while my two boys where crying and calling out to me. I am grateful that my neighbors were quick to report my situation because it could have been worse for my kids. We could have been killed.

Now I have taken my husband to court and have got a divorce. He wanted to get back together because of all the sentences and penalties he received for his actions but I refused to get back with him. I am now free and happy after 19 years of living in fear and captivity by a disturbed husband.