WCCC holds a workshop on “Respectful and Healthy Relationship” with youth leaders

[NUKU’ALOFA 02 JUNE 2015]: The Women and Children Crisis Center conducted a two days’ workshop on “Respectful and Healthy Relationship,” with faith based and youth stakeholders leaders on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th, 2015 at Tungi Colonnade Conference Room.

Youth leaders had the opportunity to share their experiences and ideas of how to get and keep a respectful and healthy relationship. This two days workshop enabled participants to develop ten tips of how to have a respectful and healthy relationship. They came up with:

  1. Mutual respect
  2. Trust
  3. Honesty
  4. Support
  5. Equality
  6. Good communication
  7. Separate identities
  8. Spirituality
  9. Selfless
  10. Life goes on

“In order to have a respectful and healthy relationship, I have to respect my partner, build the trust between us and treat him/her as my equal”, shared Sesilia Fahiua.

Part of the discussion on the two days workshop was looking at ways of how the message will reach out to the public. One of the participants, Polikalepo Kefu  willingly  volunteered to create a facebook page to update this  dialogue  onto, and enable the young generation to share their ideas, experiences and raise any issue  of  concern  for  open, honest  and constructive discussion . “Nowadays, social media is very popular with the young generation and this is the best way we can use to address and update this important  issue”, said Poli Kefu.

“This is an eye opener for me especially on gender and human rights. This is the first time for me to attend such workshop like this and aware of the centre’s work and I count it as a blessing, today I welcome WCCC to my life”, shared ‘Ofeina from the Mo’ui Fo’ou ‘Ia Kalaisi youth.

WCCC’s Team Leader, Lesila Lokotui To’ia was happy to say that the workshop was a success. “It equipped the participants with knowledge and understanding on how to deal with these issues especially as they are youth leaders in their communities. They  have an  important  role  to  play  in  our  youngsters’ lives, therefore  this  was  an  important  workshop  for  them. I  hope  that  they  will  be good role  models  and  have  positive impacts  on  our  young  ones’ lives.  It is also good to know that we will be working together with them in carrying out awareness programs to educate and help our young generations. They  will  also  assist  in  directing  youth  to  appropriate  places  on  where  to  get  support .”

The first day of the workshop focused on gender, human rights, domestic violence and child abuse. The second day focused on sexual harassment, rape, pornography and ended up with respectful and healthy relationship.

The workshop was facilitated by the WCCC’s Director, ‘Ofakilevuka Guttenbeil Likiliki and Staff Team Leader, Lesila Lokotui To’ia.

This workshop was made possible through the financial assistance of UN Women Pacific Regional Ending Violence Against Women Facility Fund. [ENDS]


For more information please contact ‘Ofa Guttenbeil Likiliki on telephone 22 240 or through email on ofa.guttenbeil@gmail.com

Youth Leaders training group photo