Keeping Children Informed

The WCCC continued to do its ongoing school awareness programs to both primary and secondary schools.

“Children need to be reminded constantly of their safety and security rules which assist in protecting them from any abuse situation. They are also informed of the good and bad touches. They are urged and encouraged to report, if there is anything suspicious, or that they are uncomfortable with. They have to recognise this and tell someone that they trust”, said Community Educator, Lesila To’ia.

For the secondary schools, the students are encouraged to talk about challenges that they face that have an impact on their learning.  Violence in the home is talked about as one of those challenges and even violence in relationships.

“It is very important for children to make informed choices about their future and their lives but more importantly how to seek help if they are in a violent relationship or they are living in a violent environment,” said Soana Pongi, WCCC Youth and Children Advocate.

Students are also encouraged to look at and develop positive non-violence conflict resolutions which they can use as a way of  ending the cycle of violence that they are accustomed to at home.

Deputy Principal of Vaini Government Middle School Branch said the WCCC’s visit was timely, “we have experienced and witnessed many social problems amongst the children increasing, and it affects their learning so this information is critical so that they can be empowered to seek help and speak out if they are being abused.”