Implementing Domestic Violence Laws

The SPC RRRT facilitated a Regional Consultation on Gender and the Law specifically on the implementation of Domestic Violence Legislations in each country at the Tanoa Skylodge Hotel, Nadi Fiji from the 6th-10th of June.

The consultation had three main objectives. Firstly, was to discuss the link between human rights, gender equality and domestic violence. Secondly, to identify full application of Domestic Violence legislation and lastly to share experiences and lessons on using DV legislation to protect women and enable access to justice.

“This was really a good space for identifying the gaps in the full implementations of the DV legislation. It witnessed the barriers and challenges that we as Non-Governments face, while trying to achieve clients’ access to justice. A thorough and detailed role playing, discussions enabled us participants to see and recognise how the states failed to protect the survivors of violence.

Therefore it ended to find solutions to these problems”, said Lesila To’ia, WCCC Staff Team Leader.

The five days consultation closed with an outcome statement that has recommendations for the Pacific countries to re-visit their DV legislations and implementation plans.