“I want them to become a peace makers where ever they are”

The WCCC’s Community Education Team (CET) carried out its awareness program to some of the secondary schools. This is one of the centre’s prevention and response program.

It is aimed at the secondary school students to identify factors that contribute to school dropout and not abling to achieve their educational goals. And this in fact lead to contributing factors to violence.

The deputy principal of Tailulu College commended the centre for the services that it offers also the program. “I hope that the program will assist the students individually to make wise and informed decisions not to tolerate and perpetuate violence. Not only here at school, but also in any place they are in. I want them to become peace makers where ever they are.”

The principal of Tupou High School Nukunuku branch said, “I thank so much WCCC. You come in just timely, as we have witnessed what you have just emphasized. Especially the problems that the school students face now a days. You are here helping us teachers, parents and students. Keep up the good work.”

Tapuni Siliva head tutor said, “You always bring us joy especially to us teachers whenever you are here. You are here to remind to these students of what we have teaches and told them every day in our morning devotion. We are happy because you bring with you facts and case studies as a witness to these students that these social problems is happen and it is real, and the numbers is increasing day to day. Thank you for sharing those good news, because we believe we cannot pray, pray, pray for changes, but we need to pray and do something. We have to work together to build up the lives of these young girls and boys so that they have a better future and some day they will become role models to other students and future young generation. ”

The Think Big Programs were being carried out in schools namely Havelu Middle School LDS, Kolovai and Vaini Government Middle School, Tailulu College, Tapunisiliva College and Tupou High School Nukunuku of the Free Weslyan Church.