I heard of the WCCC on the Fanguna radio program

He started showing violent behaviour from the very beginning of our marriage.  I thought that I was the problem and that I needed to change my own behaviour to prevent him from being so violent.

He would go every night to drink kava and during the day he would sleep and if he woke up to find there was nothing to eat, he would throw the pots at me or grab any object near him and throw it at me.

When I gave birth to our youngest child I found out that I have cancer, and although he knew I was sick he do not stop beating me.

I heard about the WCCC’s services on their weekly Fanguna radio program and I visited the centre to seek help.  The WCCC offered several options and I opted for legal assistance and since then I have never felt so free in my life. I have custody of all my children and my husband has to pay fortnightly child maintenance.

If it wasn’t for the Fanguna radio program I would not have known about the WCCC.