“I Got My Daughter Back”

I reside overseas but my husband is here in Tonga and he does not want me to go back.

He is a violent man, not only does he beat me but he’s also having an affair with another woman here in Tonga.

I made a complaint to the police and we reconciled but he still continues to beat me and I am fed up with him.

While I am still struggling with this situation, I heard about WCCC and the work that the they are do through a friend. I enquired about their services and I asked them if I could stay in their shelter for a while and they offered me their safe house services straight after hearing my story.

I requested for a safety order to keep my husband away and to bring back our daughter to me.  The WCCC helped me and I was able to get my daughter back and we have arranged to leave Tonga immediately.  .

I am so thankful to the centre for the help they gave and I am just looking forward to leaving now and starting a new life with my daughter..

if you have a friend who needs help because of a violent relationship, help refer them immediately, it can make all the difference.