He raised me up since I was born and now has turned around to his own daughter

I am 17 years old and I am the youngest of three children, all girls.

I was abused by my father, although I never ever imagined that he could do such things to me.

He had raised me since I was born, I trusted him and then he sexually abused me.

It happen one night when I was asleep. I felt  someone touching me on my private parts. I woke up and found it was my father. Because I was shocked and scared, I laid still and silent on my bed. After he was done, he fell asleep then I got up and left out house. I went  to the bush across the road and hid there until the next morning.

At daylight I went back home but I was too scared to tell my mom and I kept silent for a few months.

One day I went to one of my cousin’s house and we were talking about how my older sister’s husband treats her by saying bad words and bad things about her like “you were not a virgin when I married you ” and so forth. I asked  my sister why is he saying things like that to her. My sister told me that our father had raped  her.

What I heard from my sister encouraged me to tell my mother about what my father had done to me. I found out that it was not only me, he did the same thing to my older sister.

I told my mom and she did not believe me. At this time my father went to another island, so I decided to move and stay in one of my relatives house before my father got back. I was scared if he found out that I had told my mother.

I moved to my relatives’ house and I explained everything to them. They helped me and took me to Women and Children Crisis Centre for legal advice and counselling. I feel safe now staying at the Safe House.

I hope that the decision I have made encourages young girls who are facing the same problem to seek help from WCCC because is never too late to seek help.

I say thank you to WCCC for all their help and support. They saved my life and keep me safe. I realize the difference now from what I have been before seeking your assistance. I hope my story will help to save more girls and encourage them to speak out because is not their fault.