He offered me ride and he raped me

‘Alisi is 33 years old. She migrated from one of the outer islands to the main Island, Tongatapu to complete her studies. She completed this and went on to get married and had 4 children. She has been married for 12 years now. She tells her story.

 A few years later I wanted to continue on with my studies and so I enrolled in a Tertiary Institute. It was usual for us students who did not have a vehicle, to hitch a ride to school in either a friend’s or relatives when they are available. There was one particular faculty of the school who seemed nice and always willing to give me a ride home after school.

One day, during one of those rides, he raped me. I was much wounded especially on an emotional level that I even dropped out of the Institute. I had a lot of problems which stemmed from what I went through. I even began to have problems with my marriage because I feared that my  husband would hate me if he knew and I felt I had the lowest morale.

Then I heard about the WCCC and their work from some of the people and got better understanding of what they can offer from their radio programs. I immediately went to their office to seek help. As of now they have helped in letting me face what happened to me and to deal with the incident both emotionally, physically and spiritually. My husband even joins me on my counselling sessions with the Centre. I am currently receiving counselling from WCCC and learning to deal with the incident and learning to move on.