Welcome to the first edition of our Mo’ui Ke Fiefia Newsletter for 2015.  We have  started this year with a lot of challenges both good and bad.  One of the  biggest achievements is Government’s announcement that it is now prepared to take steps in ratifying CEDAW—the UN Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.  This comes after years and years of lobbying, advocacy and awareness of women’s groups, advocates and NGOs over the last 15 years.  Unfortunately it has also brought with it its challenges in that  there have been huge mis-conceptions and myths pertaining to CEDAW that has caused a lot of public backlash and opposition  The WCCC continues to address these challenges by providing factual information to the public and continuing its efforts with other organisations to break the myths and to re-educate people on the benefits of CEDAW for women , girls and the future generations of Tonga.

I would also like to highlight our very successful IWD 2015 Fiefia Night which brought together women’s groups from all over Tongatapu celebrating their success as women and their critical contributions to Tonga’s overall economic, social, cultural and political development.  The best outcome was that women from the grass-root were made aware of the national policy on gender and development and encouraged to OWN it!  It belongs to ALL women and girls, men and boys and ensures a BETTER future for all.

Malo, God Bless and ‘Ofa Atu