MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our readers and new readers who have just come on board!  It’s been a challenging year at the WCCC with an increase in clients being referred to the safe house (it normally averages between 40-50 clients per year).

This year (as of 22 December) we have had a record number of 108 clients who fled from unsafe and violent homes seeking temporary accommodation.

As we head into the Christmas period our hope is that the numbers will not increase.  We all have a responsibility to keep each-other safe and free from violence from within our own homes, our own extended families, our communities and villages, our churches, our youth, our workplaces and wherever we are during this festive season.

We’ve also all tallied up the numbers of our new clients for 2016, and as of 22 December, we have more than 320 new clients seeking assistance at the WCCC.

What we know from violence against women and girls statistics is that these numbers are just the tip of the ice-burg and that the reality is sitting at almost 10x the number we have recorded—not forgetting that the numbers we have recorded are mainly for Tongatapu only.  So, we have set ourselves a new challenge for 2017, we will be extending our services to the outer-islands through a mobile-counselling system that will extend our services to the outer islands.  We will keep you updated!  Remember our number 22240 we have staff working through the Christmas period if you want to refer someone for help or to the Safe House — just call us!

‘Ofa atu