Malo e Lelei! Working with young people is a huge part of WCCC’s prevention strategy. The ultimate goal for us at WCCC is that there is no longer a need for a crisis centre.

Unfortunately, statistics are telling us another story with the number of reports at both the police and WCCC on the rise. One of the ways we are hoping to address this epidemic is to work closely with young people. WCCC has piloted a number of strategies which we hope we can roll out in 2016 as part of our core programs and activities.

One of our new initiatives is our ‘Healthy and Respectful Relationship’ program whereby two workshops were held in 2015 bringing together youth leaders from church-based organisations and village youth groups. As an outcome of the first workshop the youth leaders developed the 10 Characteristics of a Healthy and Respectful Relationship which featured in our last newsletter. Following the second workshop they developed the ’10 Red Flags To Be Aware Of’ that may be warning signs of a relationship that could be at high risk of violence and abuse. The overall objective of this program is to help young people understand the power and control aspects of a relationship and how they can prevent themselves from walking through our doors in the future! We thank our clients who have agreed for us to share their stories. WCCC has been sharing client stories since our very first newsletter in 2010. Our client’s stories are the core foundation of our work – they are what drive our advocacy and lobbying in the hope that barriers and discriminative legislation, policy, practices, processes, attitudes and behaviours are challenged and more importantly changed for the betterment of women and girls in Tonga. Tau Mo’ui Ke Fiefia!  Living a Life Free From Violence!