I have seen my father beat my mother up many times

I have seen my father beat my mother up many times.  Every time I beg him to stop.  I don’t know why my father gets so angry with her all the time. 

My mother keeps telling him that what he thinks and says is wrong and that she doesn’t know how to make him stop thinking and feeling that way. 

My mother looks after me and my brother and sisters.  She does all the work in the house and she also weaves mats to make extra money for our family.  My father has occasional work and helps a man who is a builder to help build homes.  Sometimes he doesn’t have work and so he just sits around the house while my mother does everything. 

One time my mother was watching a movie with us and my father was out drinking kava.  My father walked in and we were all sleeping but my mother was still awake watching the movie.  My father accused my mother of liking another man in our village.  He told my mother that the man teased him at the kava session saying that my mother was too beautiful for my father and didn’t know why she married him.  My father told my mother that maybe she was having a secret affair with the man.

I woke up and heard my father accusing her.  My mother denied it all and told him to stop because we would all wake up.  My father didn’t know I was already awake and listening.  My father picked up the remote and threw it at my mother’s face he then moved forward and kicked her in the face while my mother had my little sister sleeping next to her.  I jumped up and begged him to stop.  He walked away and while my mother was crying I got up to go and get her some water for her face.  He told me to leave the water and tell my mother to get up and go to him in the kitchen and make his food.  I told my father that it was underneath the cloth on the table.  My mother had already prepared it.  She always does. 

The next day my mother’s sister came by the house and saw my mother’s face.  My aunty has tried getting help for my mother but my mother is too scared to report because she says we have nowhere else to go.  But my aunty has had a talk with me and I know now what to do now if my father beats my mother again. My aunty has given me a mobile phone and we have hid it is a safe place.  Next time something happens I will call the police and the WCCC. 

I know my mother will be upset with me but I am doing this for her and for my brother and sisters so that we don’t have to live in fear anymore.


I heard of the WCCC on the Fanguna radio program

He started showing violent behaviour from the very beginning of our marriage.  I thought that I was the problem and that I needed to change my own behaviour to prevent him from being so violent.

He would go every night to drink kava and during the day he would sleep and if he woke up to find there was nothing to eat, he would throw the pots at me or grab any object near him and throw it at me.

When I gave birth to our youngest child I found out that I have cancer, and although he knew I was sick he do not stop beating me.

I heard about the WCCC’s services on their weekly Fanguna radio program and I visited the centre to seek help.  The WCCC offered several options and I opted for legal assistance and since then I have never felt so free in my life. I have custody of all my children and my husband has to pay fortnightly child maintenance.

If it wasn’t for the Fanguna radio program I would not have known about the WCCC.


“He locked me up in the house”

I lived with this man for one and half years and he treated me like an animal.

He beat and bashed me up so many times that I lost count and when I would leave him and go back to my family he would just turn up and walk into my family home and drag me out.  He has no respect for my family.

He locked me up in the house where we stayed and he left with other partners and if I said anything to him he would beat me. Once, he bashed me up with water hose, empty gas bottle and whatever objects he got. After beating me, he would just lock me in the house until the black marks and bruises disappeared from my body and then he would let me out.

I remember thinking at one point that this was it, this was my life and I had to just learn to put up with the beatings.

One day he beat me up and he fell asleep, so I slowly sneaked outside and ran onto the street and I met a vehicle on my way.  I stopped the vehicle and begged the driver to drop me to one of my relative’s house.

They told me to call WCCC where they can help me and they dropped me to the centre.

I talked to one of the counsellors about my case and I stayed in their safe house while they worked on my case.

I feel safe and happy now and I can make my own decisions and the best decision I made was to  leave this violent relationship for good and move on my life.

To all women and girls who are in the same situation with me and do not know where to look for help and support, please look and keep asking for help, never think for one minute that this is the life you deserve!  I am free of it and so you can be too!


“I Got My Daughter Back”

I reside overseas but my husband is here in Tonga and he does not want me to go back.

He is a violent man, not only does he beat me but he’s also having an affair with another woman here in Tonga.

I made a complaint to the police and we reconciled but he still continues to beat me and I am fed up with him.

While I am still struggling with this situation, I heard about WCCC and the work that the they are do through a friend. I enquired about their services and I asked them if I could stay in their shelter for a while and they offered me their safe house services straight after hearing my story.

I requested for a safety order to keep my husband away and to bring back our daughter to me.  The WCCC helped me and I was able to get my daughter back and we have arranged to leave Tonga immediately.  .

I am so thankful to the centre for the help they gave and I am just looking forward to leaving now and starting a new life with my daughter..

if you have a friend who needs help because of a violent relationship, help refer them immediately, it can make all the difference.