Our first AGM

The WCCC held its very first Annual General Meeting (AGM) in April and was able to present both its activity reports and audited financial statement for the 2010 calendar year. These reports are available here on our website.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the independent Trustees of our Management Collective, Lepolo Taunisila, Dana Stephenson and Dr. Sunia Foliaki. As staff we strive daily to achieve the mission and values of the WCCC which at times can be challenging and difficult, but with the advice and encouragement we received from our Trustees in 2010, achieving targets and proving our credibility was strengthened via their full support.

This year we are working closely with Lepolo to lobby and advocate for legislation dealing with violence against women and girls, with Dana we are collaboratively working with her to raise more awareness around sexual harassment in the workplace and with Sunia his ongoing interest in linking violence against women and girls with health related issues is also part of our research priorities this year.

It’s an exciting year with many challenges but we’ll get through it thanks to all our supporters, friends and colleagues!



WCCC held its first Annual General Meeting on Friday 19th of April 2011 at the Free Wesleyan Hall of Fanga-‘o-Pilolevu.

Established in 2009, WCCC is a non government organization that works with the public and private sector to eliminate violence against women and children.

The meeting started with an opening prayer led by Misinale Paea, a Male Advocate followed by the welcoming speech presented by Sr. Annuncia Fifita, WCCC Safe House Manager.  “The director and staff of WCCC warmly welcome everyone to our AGM, we appreciate your presence here” said Fifita.

Director, ‘Ofakilevuka Guttenbeil Likiliki then presented a brief annual report on what, where, when, who and how the WCCC has operated since its establishment. “The biggest challenges we came across is to build our creditability.  Your help and support through various ways: materials, money and skills has encouraged and enabled us to do what we are doing”, said Likiliki. She continued with the financial report and she expressed appreciation to the donors including Mama Cash, AusAid, Global Fund for Women and Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre.

WCCC Community Education Trainer Lesila To’ia delivered a vote of thanks, thanking the chairperson, Lepolo Taunisila, members of the trustees, stakeholders and all the staff for making this day happen, “without your support and donations in different ways, we may not be able to do the work that we are doing, your sacrifices and contributions makes everything possible”, said To’ia.

Male Advocate ‘Usaia Hemaloto finished the meeting with a closing prayer followed by refreshments prepared by the Director and staff of WCCC.